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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Nothing to do with seeds but just trying out uploading video


  1. Hi Mads - where was this clip taken? Would I know anyone on it?

  2. Hi Alex, It was taken in the Maritime hotel in Bantry, probably wasn't there in 'your time'. You would know Mbad, playing the accordion to the right of the camera. To the left of camera is bodhran player, singer and dance caller, Noel, I don't know his surname. Opposite on guitar is Alex, and his daughter Laura on fiddle, then in the wooly hat, Johnny Coakley and beside him fiddle player ? Tisdell, can't remember his first name. I don't know the others. Actually realised this post is slightly relevant to Seeds, Mbad has organised a festival in Ballydehob and Brown Envelope Seeds is sponsoring the fiddle workshop. http://feileathadachab.blogspot.com