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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Vandana Shiva at Organicology

"Truely sustainable agriculture is not just diversity of crops but an integration with livestock and an integration with perennials and trees." 

"Seed is a common resource. We have received it from our ancestors. We have to protect it for future generations of all species, because seed doesn't just belong to humans, it belongs to all the species that are nourished by any species of plant. We will therefore not obey a law that makes it illegal to perform our highest ecologogical duty on earth, which is to save seeds for the future."

" We are going to start a big campaign to not just keep seeds in the open domain but especially seeds required for climate adaption as a common resource for our common defence in these vulnerable times. We will of course have to make very rapid and radical shifts very fast from breeding for reponding to chemicals to breeding for resilience, adaption, from breeding for a single yield trait to breeding for nutrition, taste and quality."

"Saving seed for me is defending life, and saving seeds in these vulnerable times is making sure we can imagine with hope, that life will continue, in all its vibrance, in all its diversity, in all its beauty." 

See the whole speech here: Bija Heroine 

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