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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I sowed the Painted mountain corn this week. I took the best 15 cobs fro last year and took 15 kernels from each. I arranged them so that the grains from each cob formed a row with the lighter coloured ones at one end of the bed and the darker ones at the other. I don't know how colour is inherited in corn and I'm not sure this little experiment will tell me much but I am looking forward to laying the cobs out and seeing if there is any pattern to it.
Now that that is done I am going to grind some of the rest and make polenta.


  1. Hi Madeline,

    Read about you in todays' Observer magazine in their Organic Allotment article.

    You have a great blog. I'm really looking forward to reading through it more and I'm going to request a catalogue.

    My wife and I looked at some property in Skibereen some years ago. Wish we'd have bought it now. We might have been neighbours!

    Liverpool, UK

  2. Yes, its a great place to live. I didn't know we were in the Observer. I've been out all day and didn't get a paper. Thanks for letting me know. If you send me your address we will send you a catalogue.

  3. Thanks Madeline,

    I'll email you my address.


  4. Madeline, just wondering,did you plant your painted mountain corn direct from seed into the ground or did you start them off indoors.
    Started mine indoors but they had a wee accident!I would have taught it would be a bit late to grow from seed now but if its not it would be great news indeed.

  5. Yes, it was direct from seed. I would rather have planted it sooner but didn't get to it. Alan Jenkins has his tasseling already. http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/allotment/2009/jun/15/gardeningadvice-gardens I think it will have time to mature. I will keep you posted.