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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ballydehob food festival

Ballydehob food festival was great fun this year. I am always a
bit wary of events up at An Sanctoir, a bit afraid I'll have to
hold hands with strangers and do a circle dance, or justify
raising animals for meat, but it wasn't a bit like that. There was
rabbit stew and a barbeque full of beef and fish.

Apple juicing, music, face painting, a demonstration on how not to damage your body when gardening.
There were talks about CSAs and bees, me going on about how much food it takes to feed people. Below is a display we
brought of food types, each screen containing to about 2,700
calories, or a days worth of food an active adult.
What I like best about things like this is I get to meet new people. Like Paul, who teaches horticulture at the Kinsale permaculture course. We got to talking about how to scientifically test if
biodynamic treatments work which is a subject under discussion on Zone 5. We also talked about whether Alaska Giant worked. I am hoping that they can come up with an experimental
design in Kinsale that could test this sort of thing and maybe get
the permaculture students to carry it out. Maybe some of the
students at Án tIonad Glás could replicate them.

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  1. The festival sounds lovely! I have a similar fear of circle dances with people I don't know. Thank you for your comment on Letters from Niger. We have the greatest respect in the world for Aengus Finucane. This summer I had a chance to meet some children who are alive because of him.