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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Gortahork cabbage

I am not a big fan of cabbage but it is popular especially the giant Gortahork cabbages that the Irish Seedsavers distribute. Most appeared to have died in the bad frosts but green shoots are emerging from the slime. We should have seed this year. The spring cabbages Offeheim mostly died in the frost. Out of about 100 plants 20 have survived, heavy selection for a cold winter. It is a small population to save seed from.


  1. Hi Madeline

    Weather resistance (in this case cold) may well be under the control of several or many genes, a bit like I was hypothesizing for your weather resistant peas over at Daughter of the Soil. Your cabbages look like they'll make it through. If the heads look like they have totally rotted, you could cut back to healthy stalk - they might sprout and flower from there.

  2. Wow, that's unusual that I see a veggie plant and say, "What the heck is that." Love. I do sometimes cut back rotting brassicas to healthy stem to hopefully encourage sprouting/flowering like Rhizowen said.

    Neat stuff!

  3. I am trying to get seeds for Gortahork Cabbage, as this strain of cabbage was developed by my great grandfather. An ideas shere I should look?

  4. Anyone know where I can get seeds for Gortahork cabbage -- this strain was developed, I believe, by my great-gradfather.

  5. here http://www.brownenvelopeseeds.com/category-s/1833.htm