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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lentils from Glengarriff

I was sent these lentils from Elizabeth who lives in Glengarriff. They were lost from the Swabian Alb in Germany and rediscovered near St. Petersberg. They produced a crop in Glengarriff so we are giving them a go. In spite of the cold weather they have come up outside.


  1. Lentils will cope easily with cool weather, it's getting the pods to ripen and produce a decent yield that might be a problem. Still, if they grow in Glengarriff, along with all those filmy ferns, they must be pretty well adapted. What's the varietal name? I used to use them as a green manure around lower growing plants.

  2. hello madeline, we just discovered your interesting blog searching for the name of our village ;-) we are germans very interested in gardening and sustainability in glengarriff, we have been living here for exactly 10 years. unfortunately i do not have enough time for my plants as i write books about aromatherapy a have to travel a lot to teach it. just yesterday i spread lots of seeds around our place but the kitten and the slugs....

  3. I don't know the name of the variety, I have filed the envelope carefully. I just don't know where but I think it said 'Alb lentils'.

    Nice to meet you Eliane, I hope we see you in real life sometime.