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Monday, February 7, 2011


We went to see a horse yesterday. As a result of an ad for an Irish Draught work-horse in Done Deal, several people contacted us. No body had a horse trained to work but Patrick's mare Silver seemed the most interesting. She is five and has been ridden and driven. She seemed pretty laid back. Naturally I fell completely in love with her, as I have wanted my own horse since I was about 5. I know its a really bad idea to buy the first one you look at but I am tempted. I would appreciate any advice from all you horsey people out there. She has very nice dark eyes. The flash caused the white dot.


  1. A word of caution. Three years ago we thought about buying a draught horse, she was half Clydie half NZ standard bred and a true gentle giant! we had her on our farm for a few weeks as "sold subject to veterinary inspection". To our untrained eyes she seemed in 100% good order, but as the price was NZ$4000 we got her checked out by a proper specialist horse vet. He was at our place for about 2 hours we trotted her up and down the road many times and lunged her in circles left and right and so on. When his report came back he stated that she was 4/10 lame in her left hind quarter and though she would be fine for a farm hack, she would always baulk under load if used as for draught. Probably the wisest 400 dollars we ever spent.