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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Winter Roscoff Cauliflowers

The first few Winter Roscoff cauliflowers are ready to eat. They come at a great time of year, when the rest of the winter vegetables are coming to an end. A few have leaves coming through the curds and I suppose I should rogue them out but it doesn't make them any less nutritious. We haven't got any seed left now so we will grow these out for seed. Any cauliflower cheese we have will be made with the small imperfect ones.

I would like to know when others get there first Roscoff, to see if they are much earlier down here in tropical West Cork than in other parts of the country.


  1. Beautiful- and so early (or is it late). I bet I can't get seed for them here in NZ- just off to look.....

  2. They look fabulous! I'm planning to grow cauliflower this year and hope they look as good as that. Can almost taste them with a cheese sauce now!

  3. Look so good:-)and in for St Patricks day!!! I think some of us in the North Cork Organic Group grew them (ther was talk about them anyhow). I'll get back to re when they ready in colder North Cork! Ad

  4. They are pretty easy to grow and because they are in the ground for a full year, they get really big. I doubt you can get seed in NZ but we would send it if you like.

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