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Friday, October 14, 2011


We have beef for sale at the moment. Every year we fatten a few heifers and sell some of the beef directly from the farm. This year the heifers came from the farm of Con and Magdalena Burns in Union Hall. This is Con below, selling his potatoes at Skibbereen Farmers Market.
And this is the bunch last May.
They spend the winter in the barn, eating silage, lying on straw and making compost for the gardens at Brown Envelope Seeds.
Finally they go to Walsh's, a local abattoir and butcher.
Price list for beef collected from the farm or delivered to Skibbereen Farmer's Market:

Sides €4/kg dead weight, plus butchering €150

10kg box of beef €100 containing approximately

2 striploin steak .4kg

1 ribroast 2.0kg

1 sirloinsteak .5kg

1 stewing steak .5kg

1 roundroast 1.2kg

1 round steak .5kg

2 bags beef pieces .9kg

8 bags mince 4.0kg

Price for individual pieces

Rib roasts

Fillets @ €33/kg

Striploin @ €22/kg

Sirloin @ €15.50 /kg

Round steak @ €11.80/kg

Round roas @ €11.80 /kg

Rib roasts @ €11.80/kg

Stewing steak @ €10 /kg

Stewing beef @ €10 /kg

Mince @ €10/kg

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  1. Hi there just dropping a line as I found your blog via arigna gardener (I think it was anyway!). Just had a great trip to West Cork and back now in Sweden. I'm a vegetarian so this post is not my interest but seed saving is..I'm a member of an association called Sesam over here. Love to read blogs about gardening. Cheers Helen