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Friday, November 18, 2011

West Cork Artisan Food Awards

Brown Envelope Seeds has been nominated for the West Cork Artisan Food Awards. We are so excited. What would we do with €5,000? Suggestions please. The photos are of our cat and some kiwanos.


  1. Congratulations. I have no idea but have fun with the prize.
    Love your pics, happy cat:).
    I have never heard of kiwanos they look like kiwis are they the same. I love learning different things from all round the world. Congrats again. B

  2. Everyone loves cat pictures, I don't know why. Unfortunately the cat died on Saturday. I found her dead in the driveway, just after someone left in a car.
    Kiwanos are also called jelly melons, originally from Africa,they are produced in New Zealand as Kiwanos. They have similar requirements to melons and cucumbers and keep well, we are still eating them. They are not as sweet as a melon but with nice tart jelly around the seeds. A good hit of vitamin C after other fruit is gone out of the garden.

  3. Madeline I agree with you! Everyone loves cat pictures, because they are so cute and inspire love and peace :D

  4. What a nice cat and what a starnge vegetable/fruit. I have some of your seeds that I bought in Bantry a few years ago- they have now been growing in North Dev on. Cheers, Muggsy.