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Sunday, April 14, 2013

The evolution of the gardener.

Phase 1  Ape.
Small children we do not plan for the future, they eat what they find - like the jungle apes we evolved from.

Phase 2  Hunter
As they become teenagers, children start to venture out with other young people. They roam around in packs, playing team sports. They collect food from fridges, without doing anything to refill them. This is the hunting and gathering phase.

Phase 3 Nomad

Next they go to Australia for two years - and drive all around it in a car, recreating the nomadic phase of our evolution.

Phase 4 Farmer.

Next they settle down somewhere permanent, with a garden. The lawn is the farm, mowed with care every Saturday. There is a population explosion.

Phase 5 Gardener
The children leave home, and they start gardening in earnest. This is the final phase of evolution.

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  1. Indeed!
    Am enjoying your blog Madeline. Thought-provoking.

    All the best this season.

    Mary Ann (edible-veg alumni)