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Friday, March 13, 2009

Touchon carrots

Mike grew these Touchon carrots. We spent today digging them up, in the persistant drizzle, and replanting them in the small poytunnel. Sophie, who was here this time last year, taught us how to select carrots, so we laid them out on the bed and picked the smoothest, darkest, most beautiful ones. We will replant some outside too. Although I have never managed to save much carrot seed outside I really can't produce enough indoors. The current damp weather is annoying, but perfect for transplanting biennials. The Offenheim cabbages that were cosy and warm in the polytunnel were planted out in the orchard and are now at the mercy of the savage slugs. In the field we have to remove the brassicas that would cross with each other and we will leave the Ruby Ball red cabbage, and some swedes that Sophie sowed last year and have done fantastically well. We are not bothering to replant the parsnips. In the orchard we have White Gems, not that many of them though, because last Sunday I got a bit carried away with the new rotavator and accidently turned one row into parsnip julienne. Up in the field we have our old favourite Tender and True. They are starting to grow again. I wish I'd weeded them before I took that picture. Touchon Carrot on Foodista


  1. Tuchon is my favorite carrot by far to this point. If anyone can come up with a better all around carrot, I want to know about it. I was doing the same thing laying out roots and selecting selecting the best for seed late in the winter. they are now seeded out and ready to harvest and replant for this year's winter carrots.

  2. Well done! We haven't got next years carrots in yet and I am a bit anxious about it. The wet weather made harvesting the peas and broad beans a priority and made rotovating impossible. I am looking for a good early one to try. The Nantes we have is OK but not very exciting. Any ideas?