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Friday, May 15, 2009

Open Day

Having got over the excitement of the Baltimore Fiddle Festival, we are getting down to the serious business of getting ready for the Open day, to which all of you bloggers are invited. In fact everyone is welcome. It is on Sunday 31st May at 3pm.  

There will be a walk around the gardens, where all the seeds are produced, the farm where we produce organic beef, and the young broad-leaf forestry plantation.

Sandra Schmid will give a working horse demonstration by using Henry and a demonstration on how to make a willow lobster pot by Nigel Towse.

Tea will be provided in the newly glazed drying room.

A plant sale will be held in aid of Growing Awareness, please bring your spare plants.

There is no charge for the event. All are welcome. 

No dogs please. 

Directions: Follow Turk Head sign-posts from Church Cross.


  1. Hi Madeline,
    I love what you're doing - I've been growing your seeds for the past two or three years. What a brilliant service!
    I'm awarding you a blog awardy thing - feel free to ignore it, or drop over to my blog, pick it up, and pass it on.
    I'm really hoping to make it to your open day. It sounds great.

  2. I am delighted with your awardy thing, and look forward to meeting you at the open day. How will I know you? Will you be speaking in poetry or carrying a tripod?

  3. I'll introduce myself in verse and insist on reading out at least five of my epic poems to anyone prepared to listen (I'm joking, of course . . but would four poems be too many, do you think?)