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Sunday, July 26, 2009


I really enjoyed reading 'A Year in Search of Seeds and Hope' written by Adam Forbes who has just spent a year traveling around the world. His photos of quinoa fields inspired me to sow some quinoa this year. I grew a few plants last year. The variety was Temuco which I got from Real Seeds in Wales. They said it could cope better than other varieties with having wet heads close to harvest.
It is growing away nicely.


  1. I was searching for blogs with 'SEED' in the title, like my own. I noticed your request for a comment if we looked.

    I'm a fellow seed saver in the USA, mostly flower seeds.

  2. Hi Madeline -- it's jools here. i'm the U.S. right now for Christmas and was just looking at your site to see if seeds were up yet or not. Saw this posting about quinoa. How do you actually use the grain? I've had a couple of times but was never really impressed with it -- possibly due to the blandness of the dishes. Anyway, hope you are well -- saw you on the telly before I left to come home for Xmas. Enjoy the holidays. jools o'gorman

  3. HI Jools, Sorry about the delay, I do eat it although it is a bit of trouble to get the saponins off the seeds. I am still looking for an easy way to do that. Once the seed is cleaned up I boil it and use it as rice, or mix it with stuff to make burgers, i like it mixed with leftover potato, fried up as a breakfast. A handful in soup makes it really filling.