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Monday, September 7, 2009

Painted Mountain Corn

'Maybe the most beautiful food we have ever seen' according to: Allan Jenkins of the Guardian

Ours wasn't sown until June and isn't ready to harvest but it is growing well. Who said corn needs a good summer? The pictures show ours from June to September. What is nice about corn is that it is a staple you can process at home with a grain mill and make things like plolenta and corn bread and tortillas without a lot of technology. The oats are a different matter but more about them anon.....


  1. Mine is a little further along than this - I don't feel so bad now - we have been eating fresh corn from a local grower (so delicious) - grown in poly tunnels, but ours is not ready for eating yet.

  2. Hopfully the 'heatwave' coming tomorrow will ripen it nicely.