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Monday, October 4, 2010


Every year I try to grow some new varieties and crops. This year I grew Camelina Sativa.
It is a member of the Brassica family and was very little trouble. I grew a square meter or two and did nothing more than weed it occasionally. Although an ancient agricultural crop grown to produce oil, its current claim to fame, is that its oil contains up to 45% omega 3 fatty acids.
The biodiesel industry is also interested in it, as it is a very stable oil and it can be grown in rotation with wheat. It is a less demanding crop than wheat.
The birds rather liked mine and harvested quite a lot of it for me. The seed they droppped came up and is now flowering.
I have a small crop to play around with and try and make some vegetable oil out of, but will keep some seed to sow again next year, perhaps as part of my, grow your own chicken food, campaign.


  1. Interesting Madeline

    Do the pods shatter (without the assistance of our feathered friends?).
    I wonder whether it might overwinter if sown a little bit later? How do the slugs like it? I presume you have slugs.

    Good luck with pressing the oil.

  2. No, the pods are quite weather proof, but crack easily with a little pressure. The place where they were growing isn't very sluggy and they didn't have an obvious problem. I will leave the self sown seedlings and see how they over-winter, it this fine weather keeps up they will make another crop. I will send you a little if you like. The talet is doing well too. There are mature seed-pods on the plant in the tunnel and green ones outside.