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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Naughty corner

The talet seeds I got from Radix in March have done well. I wrote a blog entry about them at the time. I planted some of the plants out under a young apple tree, between some Belville sorrel plants.
It has all got a bit jungly now and I can't see if it has produced any underground pods, but it has seemed quite happy growing up its cane.

The others got a place in my cramped polytunnel in what I came to think of as the naughty corner. I have a soft spot for the weird and wonderful like achocha and bottle gourds, which are pretty vigorous.

The talet was tucked in between these two bullies and in spite of a pretty random watering regime produced quite a lot of flowers and pods.

Again, I don't know if it has produced underground seeds, it would be difficult as the ground cover would stop the flowers going underground.


  1. Hi Madeline
    Glad to see your talets have made such good progress. I'm sure there will be some beans lurking down below - the main difficulty is locating them - depending on your soil colour and texture. The first runners actually emerge underground from the axils of the cotyledons, so won't be inhibited by any surface plant growth. Once the plants have died back, have a root around. If you miss any, I bet some will come up next year. The aerial seeds can be eaten too, but it's the big ones that I like. If you get a good crop of aerial seeds, you could offer them in your catalogue - they keep well for years and germinate best if scarified. As your photo shows, they're actually quite attractively marked.

  2. Thanks Owen, I will poke around underneath them soon. Do you think they would naturalise in woodland here? I probably will put a few packets on the website, I don't think I have enough for the paper catalogue. I might have to eat a few out of interest. They look quite like the Alb lentils I grew.