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Monday, April 8, 2013

Vavilov and Masterkabin

One of my teachers in college was D.A.Webb, who not only taught us taxonomic botany but also a course called 'The origin of cultivated plants'. In it, he introduced us to Nikolai Vavilov the Russian scientist who travelled the world collecting cultivated plants for the first agricultural gene bank. His story which you can see a little through the link on his name is as sad as it is heroic.

His photo will be in my new office as an inspiration every morning.

I named this donkey Nick after hime

Up to now the hub of Brown Envelop Seeds has been the front room of our old house, but I have ordered a Masterkabin which will become the seed bank and office, and it is arriving on Thursday. 
It will look something like this but with the window in the end (not very glamourous but hopefully dry and rodent proof). I am  so excited.


  1. I'm still waiting for that blockbuster movie. If Puttnam won't, maybe Spielberg will...

    Good luck with the Nikolaikabin.

  2. Thanks Owen, perhaps you could write the script and we could approach Spielburg.