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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Chop Suey Greens

We should have these on the catalogue next year if we manage not to eat them all.

Chopsuey Greens (Chrysanthemum coronarium),or edible chrysanthemums as they are also known as, have deeply lobed dark green leaves with a unique aromatic flavour that is impossible to describe. They are quick and easy to grow and not bothered by slugs. Sown directly in the ground or started in modules they will be ready to harvest in about six weeks, when the plants are about 20cm high. They can be used a bit like spinach in stir fries or salads. In Japan, where they are popular, they are called Shungiku and used in dishes such as sukiyaki and westernised Chinese dishes such as chopsuey. The flowers are attractive in the vegetable patch but by the time the plants are flowering the leaves have become bitter.


  1. There's 2 versions of this that i'm aware of, one with yellow and white flowers and one with just yellow. I liked the yellow and white but found the yellow to be way too strong.

  2. Interesting, I must look more closely at mine I am not sure if all the flowers are the same colour. There are still a few flowering bravely outside, but its too miserable to look now.